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The best leaders recognize organizational health as the most vital part of their business—yet for so many, it’s an afterthought. The health of an organization provides the context for strategy, finance, marketing, innovation, and technology. It is the single greatest factor determining an organization’s success.

At Bearfence, we provide leadership training tailored to your specific needs with the goal of improving organizational health. We cut out the fluff and provide impactful training that makes the best use of your valuable resources. We provide short workshops ranging from 1-4 hours, all the way to multi-day comprehensive courses. We train individuals and large groups alike.

We loath “death by PowerPoint” training, and so should you. Our facilitated classes are fun, dynamic, and participative. Our skilled facilitators leverage the experiences and knowledge of every class participant. Studies show facilitated learning environments like Bearfence’s greatly enhance participant knowledge retention.

Based near Charlottesville in Central Virginia, we train clients worldwide. We’re happy to travel to your location, or employ virtual learning environments to meet your specific needs.

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Real-life Participant Feedback:

  • “Unlike other courses, this one really taught me about myself & others.”
  • “I highly recommend Bearfence to other organizations.”
  • “Dave & Kristine were phenomenal—their delivery was very effective.”
  • “Mr. Brunelle is a master facilitator & presenter who made the training exciting, fun, and fulfilling—wonderful training.”
  • “The instructor was very knowledgeable, engaging, and supportive.”
  • “This gave me real leadership tools that I can immediately implement.”
  • “The facilitated learning format promoted individual participation and really enriched the overall training experience.”
  • “The instructor did a phenomenal job guiding the course & adding context.”
  • “Dave has an excellent way of addressing the class–a great balance of calm and energetic.”
  • “Bearfence training made me think about concepts I haven’t considered before.”
  • “The class was great with an outstanding instructor—it was well executed and had a big learning benefit.”
  • “This engaging & informative training taught me a lot about myself and gave me some exciting new skills.”
  • “I’ve taken lots of leadership training in my career. This was by far the best.”
  • “This is one of the best classes I’ve ever taken; I can’t wait for the next one.”

Topics in our facilitated leadership offerings often include:

  • Communication
  • Behavioral differences
  • Personality differences
  • Generational differences
  • Accountability
  • Delegation
  • Team dynamics
  • Team norms & charters
  • Conflict management
  • Improving performance
  • Recruiting & retention
  • Motivation
  • Building trust
  • Personal and team values
  • Giving & receiving feedback
  • Mentoring
  • Leader as Coach
  • High stakes conversations
  • Active listening skills
  • Biases & stereotypes
  • Leadership philosophy

Bearfence Proudly Presents kI:

kI 木 –  Human Behavior – Simplified ©

Why do humans act certain ways? Why can’t I relate to some people? It’s because we’re hard wired distinctly different. But human behavioral patterns are measurable and thus predictable. Bearfence’s proprietary 2-hour kI workshop [pronounced Key] measures & presents this data in the simplest way possible. Providing a kI to quickly understand your co-workers, customers, friends & family.

Delivering you a competitive advantage.

Bearfence leverages powerful, industry-proven training tools such as:

Leadership Challenge
Leadership Challenge Central Virginia Charlottesville

The Leadership Challenge®

The Leadership Challenge (TLC) workshop is the gold-standard for effective leadership grounded in research and developed by the premier authorities in the field. With deep insight into the workplace’s complex interpersonal dynamics, Bearfence’s Certified Leadership Challenge Facilitators will guide you through The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership. You’ll learn how extraordinary leaders accomplish extraordinary things, and how to develop your personal leadership skills. Organizations that embrace the Leadership Challenge gain deep insight into leadership’s critical role in organizational health, learn to shift towards team-oriented work relationships, motivate and inspire their workforce, and deliver better results.

The Leadership Challenge’s “wave tops” can be introduced in just an hour or two to help your organization start embracing these extraordinary practices. For organizations who want to make TLC a permanent part of their culture, we offer full three day workshops, including the powerful Leadership Practices Inventory 360 degree assessment.

CDP Charlottesville, Central Virginia Conflict Dynamics Profile

The Conflict Dynamics Profile®

The Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP) is an assessment instrument that measures conflict behaviors. It’s an incredible resource to increase self-awareness and improve conflict management skills. The CDP is unlike any other assessment tool in that it focuses specifically on conflict behaviors, rather than styles. It helps individuals and teams understand how they respond to conflict, what triggers can escalate conflict, and how to manage conflict more effectively.

As the greatest leadership competency is better understanding oneself, Bearfence’s Certified CDP Instructors focus on individuals. We examine individual “hot buttons” that put us in conflict choice points. Then we generate awareness around individual constructive and destructive conflict behaviors. A CDP workshop provides a simple way of helping employees understand more about how they respond to conflict both behaviorally and emotionally.

Charlottesville VA Tetramap, Central Virginia Tetramap


The TetraMap behavioral assessment and workshop is perhaps our favorite resource for clients. In just four incredibly fun hours, TetraMap helps your business simplify the complexity of behavioral differences. You can literally “learn it in the morning and apply it in the afternoon”.

TetraMap uses powerful metaphors to explore human nature and how we communicate, collaborate and connect with each other. From business problems to personal relationships and team collaboration, TetraMap has as a unique ability to reach all types of people, organizations, cultures and ages. Compared to the widely known DiSC® assessment, we find TetraMap easier for students to retain.

DISC Charlottesville VA, Central VA DISC assessment

DISC® Behavioral Assessment

DiSC is a personal assessment tool used by more than one million people every year to help improve teamwork, communication, and productivity in the workplace.

The DiSC model provides a common language people can use to better understand themselves and those they interact with—and then use this knowledge to reduce conflict and improve working relationships.

DiSC assessments are used in thousands of organizations around the world, from sprawling government agencies and Fortune 500 companies to nonprofits and small businesses. The reason is simple: DiSC profiles help build stronger, more effective working relationships.

Our Certifed DiSC Instructors will help your business integrate the DiSC model into your culture to leverage all four behavior types—Dominance, influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.

Meyers Briggs Charlottesville VA, Central Virginia MBTI

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®

The MBTI assessment is one of the world’s most popular personality tools—because it works. Used by more than 88 percent of Fortune 500 companies in 115 countries, and available in 29 languages, it has become the go-to framework for people development globally. With more than 70 years of science-based, research-based insight, the MBTI assessment is a robust tool for self-awareness and improvement. It provides positive language for understanding and valuing individual differences. With practical insight that’s easy to understand and implement, the MBTI assessment has helped thousands of organizations and millions of people around the world improve how they communicate, learn, and work.

Bearfence’s Certified MBTI Instructors will guide you through a proprietary assessment process to identify your distinct personality type. Understanding your personality provides objective insight that enhances relationships and improves personal direction, focus, and decision making.

Training & Coaching Combined

Bearfence also offers combined Coaching and Training packages. Studies show that when individual Coaching sessions are integrated with leadership training, the participant’s ability to retain and implement new skills increases by 88%!

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